We have been tutoring one-on-one for a decade; that is core of our business. Recently, the shorter review sessions are also four years new now. We hope one of these sessions will fit your needs. All of our reviews follow the same basic format: Content, Exam Taking strategies, Practice Exam, and Q&A. The difference among all the reviews we offer is the depth of content and the pace of the review.

About Us

We're dedicated to mastering the art of nursing education and exam reviews.

All the reviews come with money back guarantee.

Yes, all of our reviews come with a money back guarantee. We will refund your money if you don't pass the Canadian NCLEX. Our confidence comes from our course content and method of review. 

​We prepare students by reviewing relevant nursing content and practicing sample questions; we stay with you every step of the way. We stay current with changes in material, regulations, and standards. Our instructors have already successfully challenged NCLEX. Yes all our instructors have long passed NCLEX. It is our nature, we sift through all of the resources available. We guide you to succeed.