Q1: What information do I need to send to PassNCLEX?
Answer: Initially you should tell us about your graduation date, school/province you are graduating/graduated from, whether you are working as a graduate nurse, and if it is your first, second or third attempt? 

Q2: How do I get my money back?
Answer: Send an email to info@passNCLEX.ca. We will process your refund within 24 hours, via the same route you submitted payment to PassNCLEX.

Q3: Do you organize live, in-person classroom sessions?
Answer: Not at this time

Q4: How is the review delivered?
Answer: The reviews are delivered through a live online classroom (you converse with instructor like do in a regular classroom). No commute, no distraction and 
you learn in comfort of you home.  What you need is access to a computer with internet.

Q5: Do reviews have any days off?
Answer: The Two Day and Five Day review sessions are consecutively conducted so no day off. Four Week review students have weekends off.

Q6: Do I need to buy any books? 
Answer: Perhaps not. If you do, we will let you know in advance.

Q7: I am an IEN. Do I qualify for the money back guarantee? 
Answer: No. At this time only Canadian Graduates qualify for money back guarantee.

Q8: I want to enroll. How do I pay? 
Answer: Either you can pay by credit card or 
Interac Email Money Transfer, Please use email: info@passNCLEX.ca. In case you are not sure if your bank participate in this service please click here to see the list of participating financial institutions. 

Q9: May I enroll in more than one review session? 
Answer: Yes.

Q10: Is there a class size limitation?
Answer: Reviews are online, we should not have connection limitations, but reality is that bandwidths have limitations and can only admit limited students per session. We always try to accommodate all the students who come to us, so in past we even have started multiple sessions, but it is not always possible. Therefore we encourage you to enroll early to secure your spot in a review.

Q11: May I consult on the phone? 
Answer: We respect your time, and expect you respect ours. If you feel you really need to talk to someone over the phone you may purchase a consult with our senior instructor or director.

Q12: What should I do if I don't receive a reply from PassNCLEX within 24 hours.
Answer: Please look in your junk folder for our response. and contact us via email info@passNCLEX.ca again,  there is a good chance that we didn't receive your form or our response didn't reach you because email address was invalid (misspelled).